No matter what your business,
it’s all about your people.

Off-the-shelf training may work for some companies but studies have shown that retention is far greater when training includes examples and topics specific to the viewer’s workplace. That means showing your people, your locations, and your specific workplace challenges. I specialize in finding the people in your company who are the best at their craft and - through on-camera interviews and demonstrations - incorporating their tips and techniques into a video that can be used in multiple ways. Showing your people and your locations gives your production credibility and power. Who speaks more convincingly about quality issues than the person on the assembly floor? Do you have a supervisor or foreman who is exceptional? Let them share their experiences and advice with the rest of your organization. It can be done documentary-style and can be a very compelling way to teach the next generation of employees. With a degree in journalism, I specialize in interviewing people and capturing their stories and experiences on camera. Don’t let the knowledge and skills of your best employees leave your organization when they retire or move to a new position. Call me to discuss this new and evolving area of business communications.

It's all about your people.


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