Stro Media Services

Projects begin with a meeting to determine the scope of the project followed by research, scriptwriting, shooting, graphics and animation development, editing, soundtrack development and final review and distribution.

Stro Media shoots and edits in HD (high definition) or SD (standard definition).

The final production can be made available in any digital format required.

Translation to multiple languages is also available.


Stro Media Productions, LLC.
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Every company says they are committed to safety but a custom video can be a key component of any company safety program. The possibilities are endless.

Skill Improvement
Video can be a great tool for increasing the productivity of your employees. It can bring together the benefits of classroom training with real-world examples from the shop floor or the jobsite. Share the tips and techniques of your best workers in a way that other employees will appreciate and understand.

Field Personnel
Video provides a great way to keep employees at other locations informed.

New Product Intro
Introduce a new product with demonstrations, testimonials, marketing support and service information. Show your product in action!